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Did you know?

The common Roof Rat ‘Rattus Rattus’ is highly attracted to residential roof spaces as the environment provides perfect nesting conditions as the weather cools. At night the typical sounds of a roof rat infestation can include squeaking, scratching, gnawing, and fighting. The term “rodent” is derived from the latin word “rodere” which means to “gnaw”. Rodents commonly gnaw on electrical wires, ducting and insulation which can create the potential for an electrical fire.

How can we help?

Wardle’s Pest Control can assist you with managing rodents, spiders, cockroaches, and fleas & ticks. Simply contact us now by phoning 0498 686 261 or email to arrange an inspection and discuss your options.

Did you know that cockroaches are known to spread diseases such as salmonella, gastroenteritis, dysentery, tuberculosis, hepatitis, typhoid fever and many other human disorders…gross!! Call us now if you have spotted cockroaches.

Frequently asked questions

A General Insect Treatment provides preventative protection against most general crawling insect pests. A standard treatment includes an internal and external spray treatment of the property. The chemicals used for General Insect Treatments are selected because they are effective, solvent free, stain free, low-no odour, and registered safe for both indoor and outdoor use. All work performed is fully licensed and performed in strict accordance to current Pest Management Guidelines. 

This treatment includes a Certificate of Treatment and a 3-Month Free Service Warranty. 

PLEASE NOTE: Payment is expected on the day for all insect treatments.  An additional chemical charge will apply to larger homes, or homes made from porous surfaces such as stone or brick as they require more chemical to be used.

A spider treatment includes a standard General Insect Treatment Spray and a Roof Cavity Insecticide Dusting. A roof cavity dusting treatment involves blowing Industrial Strength Insecticide Dust throughout the cavity with an 18v insecticide dust applicator. This service comes with a free external Cobweb Cleaning Service, a Certificate of Treatment and a 3-Month Warranty.
PLEASE NOTE: An additional chemical charge will apply to larger homes or heavy infestations.

A Cockroach Infestation Treatment includes treatment of the infested area with a highly residual ‘duel-action’ liquid insecticide and the use of aerosol applicators, dusting equipment, cockroach gel bait formulas and a non-chemical option of glue boards.

PLEASE NOTE: Additional treatments are often required for heavy infestations. Each additional visit will be charged at the same price as the initial visit. An additional chemical surcharge may apply to large infestations that require additional chemical to be used to control the infestation.

A Flea or Tick Treatment involves treating the infested area with a residual liquid insecticide. In some instances, a smoke bomb or high pressure steamer may be used. It is necessary that any infested bedding is washed on same day as any flea or tick treatment in order to achieve success.

PLEASE NOTE: Additional treatments are often required for heavy infestations. Each additional visit is charged at the same price as the initial visit. A chemical surcharge may apply to heavy infestations that require additional chemical to be used to control the infestation.

A Rodent Control Program includes the installation of ‘Tamper-Resistant’ baiting stations, mechanical traps, and strategically placed glue boards in the infested area. The pest manager will also aim to identify any cracks, crevices or other potential access points that may require physical proofing. Another important part of a successful rodent control program is to remove any potential food sources, and improve general sanitation practices at the property.

We understand the environmental significance of bees. As such, we refer all bee jobs to a local bee keeper who is able to trap and relocate the colony. In situations where the colony is a danger to humans (i.e. situated in a wall cavity), a chemical treatment may be necessary. Wasp colonies are always chemically treated.

PLEASE NOTE: For safety reasons, it is advised that no person unprotected by Personal Protective Equipment is present during a bee or wasp colony treatment.  This service comes with a Certificate of Treatment and a 3-Month Free Service Warranty.

If targeted pests are found within the treated areas within the given warranty period, then the Pest Manager will provide whatever service is required, free of charge, to treat the active pests and prevent further activity for the duration of the service period. This warranty period excludes the treatment of infestations.